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Posted by ihtov on November 24, 2009

I usually spend the majority of my Tuesday being domestic and listening to WOXY, and right now they are spinning a track (“The Little Patton”) from Cincinnati’s The Seedy Seeds. This fantastic band recently cleaned up at the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards (including beating out my good friends The Lions Rampant in a couple categories), and this reminds me that I do not talk enough about all the great music being made back in Cincy these days. While I’ve never lived in Cincinnati proper, my hometown is closer to downtown than a lot of the people who live in Ohio with Cincinnati addresses, so I feel well connected to the city and the music. Back in high school and even through a bit of the college years, I spent a lot of my time watching my friends play music around the city. Now that I’ve moved South, I don’t get the chance to catch as many bands as I used to, but there are a few great bands that I make the trip to see.

For the time being, here is a quick list (meaning incomplete) of awesome bands from Cincinnati worth your time. Maybe later today I’ll come back with some band links, mp3s, videos, pictures, or something. But don’t count on it; you know how to use Google.

The Lions Rampant
The Seedy Seeds
Frontier Folk Nebraska
You, You’re Awesome
Brian Olive
Buffalo Killers
Bad Veins
The Read
The Frankl Project
500 Miles to Memphis


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