i have that on vinyl.

how many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Revitalized (now with nudity!)

Posted by ihtov on November 12, 2009

new flaming lips video? overrated. nudity isn’t shocking anymore, so this is passe. additionally, wayne’s obession with vaginas is childlike- and i mean that not as in ‘immature’ but as in ‘childlike wonder and fascination’- which is kind of awkward and creepy since he has a gray beard. riding bikes naked sounds uncomfortable, and the actors in this video definitely appear uncomfortable. All in all, this certainly isn’t a ‘nudity as beauty’ video if its trying to be one, and the viewer knows this with the camera’s obsession with female asses proves this. i do, though, like the organic feel of the video as a whole. finally, sure, wayne being pushed through the woods in his giant hampster ball by a bunch of naked people is fun, but no one ever needed to see his penis, especially since it is not made out of a space gun like flaming lips songs seem to imply it should be. overall, it was underwhelming, and if you’re looking for a video with nudity, i suggest checking out the Girls “XXX” version of “Lust for Life” if only for the part where one of the actor’s uses another actor’s penis as a microphone to sing the lyrics to the song. the Girls video is campy and adorable in all the best ways. plus, gay porn is the new porn, right?

You can view “Watch The Planets” at http://www.nme.com/video/bcid/49582897001

You can view “Lust for Life (XXX version)” at http://www.buddyhead.com/girls-–-“lust-for-life”-video-xxx-version/

Both are very much NSFW.


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